Frank Marshall Tribute DVD

Discover More Information About the Master Ventriloquist Figure Maker Himself, Frank Marshall


Ventriloquist Central Presents…

A Frank Marshall Tribute

Frank Marshall

If You Are One of Those Who Would

Love to Know More

About the Master Ventriloquist Figure

Builder Frank Marshall…

Now You Can!!!


At last a wonderful documentary style informational product all about Frank Marshall


Hello Everyone…..

Imagine what it would be like if you could go back in time and meet the master figure builder Frank Marshall. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could go down to his basement shop and see some of his wonderful creations and talk with Frank about his creations?

Here is the next best thing.

As you know my partner, Dan Willinger, loves Frank Marshall ventriloquist figures. I know I’ve talked to a lot of ventriloquists who would love to have a Frank Marshall figure. Think about it, who wouldn’t want to own a “Nosey” figure? (I know I would)

In fact, as I type this there are 59 Marshall figures in the Ventriloquist Central Collection. Dan has become quite the authority when it comes to Frank Marshall figures.

Just a few Frank Marshall figures in the Ventriloquist Central Collection

We’ve been contacted by quite a few people who wanted to know more about this master figure builder. With that in mind, we put together a documentary style informational DVD Tribute to Frank Marshall.

Frank Marshall DVD

“The DVD arrived today and its better than even I had expected . Great job!”
Chuck Lyons
Channahon, IL


“Yes I did receive the dvd and what a joy it was to watch. Extremely entertaining and information packed. Another quality product from Ventriloquist Central.”
Darren Carr
Comedy Ventriloquist


“Two hours ago I got back from the post office and the DVD was there !! Absolutely fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the next best thing would be to see everything in person!!”
Colin Williams


“Finally had a chance to watch the Marshall video last nite. You two did a super job! Very informative and entertaining!”
Jerry Fitzpatrick


On this DVD are pictures of Frank and his wonderful creations that are in the Ventriloquist Central Collection. As you watch these magnificent works of art, you’ll hear “a never been released” (until now) audio recording that was done awhile back when I interviewed Dan about the great Frank Marshall. I mean, who better to interview than the man that has the Marshall figures?

Hear Dan talk about:

  • His obsession and why he likes Frank Marshall ventriloquist figures
  • How Frank got started building ventriloquist dummies
  • Frank’s history of working with the Macks
  • The Charlie McCarthy “controversy”
  • How Frank created distinct personalities with his ventriloquist figures
  • Why Marshall figures have that “rough” finish
  • Frank’s painting style and technique
  • Frank’s innovative mechanics
  • The 1931 catalog that Frank put out and the prices of that time period
  • The duplicarved heads Frank used
  • The origin of Jerry Mahoney

Below is a small clip of what’s on the DVD.

This DVD is over 40 minutes with a lot of information from Dan about the master ventriloquist figure builder himself, Frank Marshall. There are also over 500 pictures to watch as you listen to this interview.

With all the information that is on this DVD, we could easily charge $50 and it would be worth the price. However, you can have one of these DVDs for only $29.97 (plus FREE shipping ANYWHERE).

We are sure you’ll enjoy this DVD about one of the great figure builder, Frank Marshall.



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P.S.  This is a must have DVD for anyone who’s interested in the art of ventriloquism and especially those interested in Frank Marshall ventriloquist figures.  Also, the interview with Dan has never been made public until now!  Grab your copy today!