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Dear Ventriloquist Central Faithful,

When we (Steve, my webmaster and I) started Ventriloquist Central our goal was to share any and all information dealing with the Art of Ventriloquism. In the beginning it was mainly my ventriloquist dummy collection and some historical ventriloquial information.

That was two and half years ago and we’ve come a long way since then. We’ve added much more content, including more pictures, audios, videos and we have plans to add innovative ways to bring you even more information with cutting edge technology. Ventriloquist Central just keeps growing and growing.

It’s you the faithful that are making it possible. Without your loyalty, sharing your help, information and ideas….this could never happen.

However, there is a price to pay for all this. Steve and I never thought that Ventriloquist Central would be the size it is today (and as I stated it’s still growing). In fact, at times it feels like a full time job.

Now don’t take that wrong, we enjoy providing you with information on the website but it can be very time consuming.


Here’s Something For You...


Both Steve and I own quite a lot of historical ventriloquial information which consists of books, pictures, periodicals, brochures and advertisements….some of this information is from the 20’s to the 50’s. All of this information has been legally attained and the copyrights have expired.

We decided to pool our information and created, “The Ventriloquism Historical Information Collection, Volume 1.”



We painstakingly went through all this information, compiled it together and created an historical information collection that I’m sure you’ll want.


"Just wanted to let you and Dan know that I really enjoyed the Historical Guide/Book that you guys published. It was really a joy to read, and very interesting. I really enjoyed some of the great pictures included."

Dan Leighly 'MontanaDan'




"I am really happy to have the Historical project. It is truly amazing. I will really enjoy going through it -- often."

Bill Bingham





Here’s what inside this informational collection:


  • "How To" Books – There are some wonderfully old “how to” books in this collection such as, how to do ventriloquism and how to make a dummy. It’s great to see how they approached the art of ventriloquism and to see their dummy making ideas.


  • Brochures & Advertisements – Some great brochures and advertisements from the vaudeville days up to the 50’s. It’s interesting to see how the ventriloquists of the past marketed themselves. As a side note, some of these methods are so good that they could be used today.


  • Pictures – We also have a few pictures that in this book. Some you may have seen but there might be one or two that you’ve never seen.


  • PLUS…as a Bonus, we are also including two issues of “Double Talk.” Double Talk was a periodical for ventriloquists put out by Revello Petee in the 30’s. This was before the “Grapevine” or “The Oracle”. One of the issues we’ve included is actually the VERY FIRST Double Talk.


All in all there are 22 different items making up the 130 pages in this historical informational collection. If you were to buy each individual item off of eBay or some dealer, the minimum you would pay for each of these items would $5.00 (and in some cases, probably more). Using this yardstick, all this information would cost you a minimum of $110.00 if you were to go out and buy each item separately.

We've taken all this information, made it into a pdf collection and put it on a CD so you can access it any time you want.  Because we appreciate all your support for the Ventriloquist Central website, we are going to offer “The Ventriloquism Historical Information Collection, Volume 1” on a CD for only $19.95 (plus shipping & handling). That is a bargain.





Click here to order "The Ventriloquism Historical
Information Collection, Volume 1

Just to set the record straight. Both Steve and I feel that this book we’ve put together is worth more than the $19.95 price that we’re asking. There are some very rare items in this collection.

So, there you have it. There is some wonderful historical information in this book so get yours today. You may have seen a few of the items contained in this book before, but there is a big possibility that quite a few of the items you’ve never seen or heard about.

Order yours now.


Thank you,
Dan Willinger

P.S. are getting 22 different items in this 130 page book that if you were to go and buy them all separately at $5.00 a piece would cost you $110.00...BUT it's yours for only $19.95.

P.P.S.  If you enjoy the Ventriloquist Central website and would be interested in the material that makes up “The Ventriloquism Historical Information Collection, Volume 1”, your purchase would help to support the website.  Thank you.