Made to Order Charlie McCarthy, Mortimer Snerd or Effie Klinker Ventriloquist Figures

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For serious collectors of Edgar Bergen items, I have recreated his three most famous figures; Charlie McCarthy, Mortimer Snerd and Effie Klinker. Because these are made to order, there will be slight variations in things like Mortimer’s suit, hat and Charlie’s, Mortimer’s and Effie’s shoes, because I always use vintage fabrics, shoes and boater hats. I will always send pics during the process, as well pics when the figure is ready to ship, for your approval.

Charlies run $2995 (both versions). Mortimer also runs $2995 and Effie runs $3895. The reason Effie is substantially higher in price is due to the fact that her custom human hair wig costs quite a bit more, her body takes more time to construct and her wardrobe is entirely custom made, including her glasses, which were made from scratch. A $1,500 deposit is required to place an order and completion time is 8-12 weeks, unless I happen to have one underway.

I offer two Charlie options; his classic black tux with tails and white pique vest and bow tie, or the morning suit version, with grey pinstriped pants, morning suitcoat and grey double breasted vest with white shirt and ascot. Both come with a hard, detachable wing collar and both are outfitted in vintage black leather shoes. The morning suit version also includes spats. Charlie’s wig is entirely hand made, with every strand hand knotted. Each wig takes 6 weeks to made and they are made from human hair. Charlie’s eyes are made from wooden spheres, inset with brown glass irises. His eyes are constructed differently from Mortimer and Effie’s eyes.

Mortimer comes dressed in a suit made from vintage wool (generally a herringbone pattern). He is also dressed in vintage leather boots, a vintage boater hat, with customized hat band coordinated to his vintage bow tie and white shirt with rounded hard detachable collar. He has blue glass eyes.

As I stated previously, other than her shoes, her wardrobe is entirely hand made. She is wearing a striped, Victorian style blouse, with sheer overlay at her shoulders and chest, accented with lace trim on the collar, around the edging of the sheer overlay and at the cuffs. She has a black velvet bow around her collar, a wool skirt with pink ric rac and a black belt. Her Victorian boots also include dark grey spats. Her custom made, human hair wig is styled with pin curls at the front and a high bun in the back. Glasses are removable and held on by two small pins. She has brown glass eyes.

All figures are crafted from resin (head, hands and lower legs) with upper legs and body frame made from white pine. Body is then upholstered in foam and quilted fabric. Head stick is made from poplar wood with a poplar trigger mouth control. All figures have spring loaded head locks to secure their head in place. All figures have vented openings in their wardrobe backs.

These figures were a genuine labor of love, as I have loved the artistry of Bergen since I was a small child. I began by recreating Charlie. I intended to only make one, due to the fact that I always wanted one, but could never find a reproduction that I could afford. I located two options… One was priced at $5000, but was non-functioning and the other was over $7000, which did not even include his wardrobe. Having a background in sculpting, drawing and painting people, I decided to create my own Charlie about 5 years ago. I created these as art pieces, to be displayed. Although they are functional figures, I prefer that they be displayed rather than performed with. They are not intended for heavy travel.

Not only did I study every online image I could find, but I also visited the Charlies on display in Washington, D.C. and Chicago, taking a multitude of pics of each (which are actually quite different). I studied the paint color, texture, eye construction, etc. Every part of Charlie was scrutinized.

One part of Charlie you never see are his legs. I was lucky enough to have obtained one of Bergen’s authentic Charlie legs (he had many extra parts) at a Disney Studios auction in the 1990’s, so I was able to sculpt a second, mirror image leg, based on the Bergen leg. I have never seen another reproduction figure with solid legs. All three figures come with solid legs. The legs are an upper thigh piece (I make this piece from white pine) and a lower leg/foot piece cast in resin. They are connected at the knee with screws and heavy elastic. Legs are attached to the body via a threaded rod. Legs are removable, if need be.

Please email me with any questions you may have. Shipping on each figure runs $225 (within the US). This includes professional packaging, shipping and full insurance. I know this seems expensive, but this is what it costs me to ship and I do not profit off the shipping. I would rather have the figures packaged properly than run the risk of damage.

Please email me with any questions you may have at .

Chris Alan