Maher Course Of Ventriloquism (30 book series)



“From Book 1: The Maher Course Of Ventriloquism has contributed to the development of more ventriloquists than one could ever imagine. Started by Fred and Madeline Maher in 1934, the Maher School Of Ventriloquism was purchased by Clinton and Adelia Detweiler in 1969. For over 30 years, they were the driving force behind Maher Studios.

In 2002, Clinton updated the Maher course to create the New Millennium Edition. Because of the cost to produce the course, there were only a few remaining sets when Clinton passed away in January 2013. The Maher Course almost went with him.

The Detweiler family passed the torch to Mark and Jody Wade at the 2013 Vent Haven Ventriloquist Convention. Mark’s goal was to revive the Maher Course and make certain it would be available for future generations. Working with Ken Groves and Tom Crowl, they began to revise the lessons to again become the gold standard of ventriloquism courses.

During this process, they discussed changes that would incorporate modern technology. At that time, they decided to release the classic Detweiler Version as a tribute to the man who had helped so many.

This is your chance to own a piece of ventriloquism history. The lesson books will each be released as a separate volume. Purchase one or all of them. You could pick and choose from the lessons to enhance your skills as a ventriloquist. If you purchase and register all of the lessons, Maher Studios will honor your exams and send you completion certificates to graduate.

The first lesson, complete with all of the artwork truly has the feel of Clinton’s creation. We hope you enjoy the Maher Course Of Ventriloquism – Detweiler Version.”