The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Own Ventriloquist Figure, Vol 1 – REVISED

If you’ve always dreamed of building your own
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“The World’s First
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This guide will answers all your questions, show you all the
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way to making your own ventriloquist figure– even if you don’t
think you can do it.


“Joe has taken an interest in building his own ventriloquist figures.
He is being mentored and encouraged by Steve Hurst.
Joe has always wanted to build his own figures.”
Taken from Joe
Caffey’s website:



From:  Steve Hurst
RE: Building Your Own Ventriloquist Dummy

Dear Ventriloquist Figure Builder,

Would you like to build your very own professional ventriloquist figure? Well you can, if  you really have the desire.

Does this sound too good to be true? Impossible even? I realize this might sound so extravagant or difficult, you’ll be tempted to dismiss it as hype. But I urge you to read on. You’re going to see that what I’m about to tell you is not as difficult as you might think…AND…can be a lot of fun!

Picture this: You are on stage doing your ventriloquist act. Your audience is enjoying your show, laughing at everything your new partner is saying. Your show goes smoothly and at the end you get a glorious round of applause. You walk off stage with a wonderful feeling knowing you’ve just had the best show of your life AND…you did it with a figure you built with your own two hands.

This can be a reality and you can build your very own ventriloquist figure.  All you need is the right information and system to accomplish this endeavor.

Who Am I
And Why Should You Listen To Me?

I’m Steve Hurst and most of you know me as the webmaster for Ventriloquist Central. I learned figure building from one of the masters…. the late great ….Ray Guyll.  You may have read some of my articles “Saturday’s With Ray Guyll”. Not only do I know Ray and Barbara personally, it really goes far beyond that….to me Ray and Barbara are family.

They have welcomed me with open arms and I’ve attended many holiday functions at their home. (SIDE NOTE: Barbara is a great cook and makes one of the best Thanksgiving dinners I’ve ever had….she really goes all out…and don’t get me started on Christmas and the 2 Christmas trees she puts up (one is about 8-9ft, the other 6-7ft)…with decorations all over the house).

I’ve sat in Ray’s workshop many a day, listening to him teach me about figure building. Ray is an excellent teacher. In fact, Ray has taught many people over the years about figure building.  His artistic style and abilities are amazing. Ray has built figures from all types of mediums….carved heads out of basswood, made heads from fiberglass, paper mache, polyurethane and more.

He has his own unique style, yet he’s also able to imitate and copy some of the masters of the past, Frank Marshall, the McElroy Brothers to name a couple. In fact, at the 1997 Ventriloquist convention that was held in Las Vegas, the Jerry Mahoney that
Paul Winchell used during his presentation….was made by Ray Guyll.
I feel very fortunate that Ray has taught me so much about figure building.

But it wasn’t always this way.

I started out like most in ventriloquism…when I was a kid. I remember getting the Fred Maher Catalog showing all the great dummies and wanting so badly to have one. I knew I couldn’t afford one of those new dummies, so I decided to try and build my own. Using the information from Paul Winchell’s book, I tried to make a paper mache head. However, I failed miserably. 
You see, I really didn’t have any artistic talent and decided
that I just didn’t have what it takes to build my own figure.

A few years later, I thought I would give it another try. This time, I thought I would try to carve a head out of wood. Once again….disaster.

Years later, (in my 30’s at the time) I decided to give it another try. I was older, smarter and thought I would try to carve another head once more. However…..disaster again.

In my 40’s I vowed to build a dummy somehow. I couldn’t carve, so I tried a few other methods and finally I was able to make my first ventriloquist figure. He was not perfect, but he was mine.

I had built this figure a few years before I had met Ray & Barbara. But after a few times working with Ray in his shop, learning everything he taught me, I remember going
home, taking the wig off of my dummy, pulling the back of the head off and started to replace all the mechanics inside the head with what I had learned from Ray.

In fact, it seemed that every time I would learn something new, I would be taking my dummy apart, changing or adding things. As time passed, I started building a few figures of my own, some I kept, some I gave away and even restored a couple of them along
the way….enjoying the thrill of building a ventriloquist dummy.

So, if someone like me….who doesn’t have a lot of artistic talent can build a ventriloquist figure, so can you.

I purchased your Ultimate Guide To Building Your Own
Ventriloquist Figure Vol.1 DVD’s just over five
months ago.Let me first say, these are a MUST HAVE! I have
always wanted to build my own figure and your DVD’s
gave me the confidence to get started as well as
valuable information with the whole process! Your
advice saved me a lot of frustration since this was
my first time at figure making.
I now know I can begin my second figure and it
will be even more exciting than the first one. The information
in the Ultimate Guide DVD’s are invaluable! I enjoy watching
them over and over again to gain more insight on figure building.
I can’t wait to get into the mold making process and duplicate
one of my own figure heads! The Ultimate Guide DVD’s
were exactly what I was looking for and needed!
Thanks so much for creating them. You truly are an
inspiration to me with all the nuts and bolts of
information you share in order to produce a
ventriloquist figure.
Thanks Again!
Ron Cataldo
Fayetteville, GA



Step-By-Step Guide For
Creating And Building Your Very Own
Ventriloquist Figure

NOW Digital with INSTANT Access!!!


“The ULTIMATE Guide To Building Your Own Ventriloquist
Figure, Volume 1”
is a step-by-step system from start to finish, so you can create your very own ventriloquist figure. Even if you think you’re not “artistically inclined” (remember…I’m not very artistic)….I’ll show you ways around that. You’ll get a
guide jam-packed with every detail you need to create a ventriloquist figure.

Here’s a list of some of the powerful tips, tricks and strategies you’ll learn from this comprehensive system:

  • How to choose your figure’s character?
  • What type of clay to use?
  • How to sculpt (even if you’ve never done any sculpting)?
  • How to make molds?
  • What products to use making the molds?
  • How to make the head castings?
  • What type of casting materials to use?
  • How to make eyes?
  • How to find the correct pivot points for the mouth?

Get the answers to all these questions and more. This ultimate guide
is loaded with many tips and tricks just for you. 
Plus, there are pictures of many different ventriloquist figures and even some showing the “inside the head” mechanics of various figures.
With all this information, you’ll learn how to build your very own ventriloquist figure.


“Steve’s course
is very good too! You can actually see projects
being worked on and see how he handles them instead
of just reading about it (not that the books aren’t
worth having too!).”
Gary Koepke



Hi Steve,
I purchased the “The ULTIMATE Guide To Building Your

Own Ventriloquist Figure, Volume 1”, from you last
year and have finished my dummy now.
It has not taken that long to do but I have only
been able to do little bits to it here and there so
thats where the months have gone.I would love to take this opportunity to thank you
for putting this course together. Building a dummy
has been a long term ambition of mine right from
child hood when I used to make cardboard dummies.Now all I need to finish the one I have made from
your course is to clothe him. As soon as I have
clothes for him I will send some photos for you to
see.Any way thanks again and look forward to hearing
from you in the future.Regards
Shane West



There is nothing else out there like “The ULTIMATE Guide To Building Your Own Ventriloquist Figure, Volume 1”. Here’s what you’ll get:

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    all the information, background and material you’ll get with “The ULTIMATE Guide To Building Your Own Ventriloquist Figure, Volume 1” and how to use it.
  • The Step by Step Comprehensive Video: This combines video, pictures and narration to walk you through the entire figure building process. The video is loaded with tons of information, some tips and tricks….PLUS a few “secret” techniques that are very useful.
  • You will also get  access to a member’s only web page with Resource links
    where you can buy materials to make your ventriloquist figures.
  • AND… get ACCESS to ME…….if you ever have any questions or just want to find out more information, you will get a my phone number to contact anytime you want. OR…you can contact me via video using Skype!


“The DVD course is
everything your advertisement claims it to be! It is
truly worth much more than the amount asked! Thank
you very much.
Theo Roos
South Africa


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  • “How You Can Build a Ventriloquist Figure Head for under $30” Video. This video shows you how you can build a ventriloquist figure head for under $30. Shows the step by step and materials used to accomplish this task. (A $39.95 value).
  • Bonus Push Rod Mouth Mechanics” Video.  This is an extra bonus video talking about and showing you how to install a push rod mouth inside figure heads. (A $29.95 value)

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So let’s recap…you’re getting……..“The ULTIMATE Guide To Building Your Own Ventriloquist Figure, Volume 1” which includes:

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PLUS…the three bonuses

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  • “How You Can Build a Ventriloquist Figure Head for under $30” Video
  • “Bonus Push Rod Mouth Mechanics”Video

All in all you
are getting over
3 hours of video about
figure making!!!

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All the Best.

Happy Figure Building,
Steve Hurst

P.S.  There is nothing else out there like “The ULTIMATE Guide To Building Your Own Ventriloquist Figure, Volume 1”.  With all this information, you’ll learn how to build your very own ventriloquist figure.  PLUS, you’ll get the 3 FREE Bonuses worth $149.85 and NOW Digital with INSTANT Access. Order yours today!

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