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Denis Cronkright

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This is a first quality professional bass wood doll. He has a winsome appearance with a full size human head and many functions. His eyebrows raise, eyes move side to side. He winks with one either eye. His leather eyelids are very realistic and can blink together to simulate human blinking. His right arm moves out to shake hands and his head swivels and turns around. His body appears to be made of fiberglass and his stem attaches to a wood base secured to the fiberglass body.

Willie was purchase about 35 yrs. ago from Maher Studios. He has a realistic face coloring and comes with a wooden case with foam padding for his head.

He has been very well taken care of but has developed a few small flaws apparently from material shrinkage during his assembly. They are not noticeable during his performance, and are back by his ears not in the front facial area. They are small and can be filled in with colored wood putty, but have been left alone since they are mostly inconsequential and have no part in his function.

Willie has entertained and captivated children for years and continues to have great value in many areas of ministry and fun. He is not a toy and children have been allowed to look but not touch. As my wife and I have grown older we have not used him much in recent years and hence the decision to sell.

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Denis Cronkright