Professional Ventriloquist Figure Cool Kid


Jack Lathrop

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Full size professional vent figure. He is brand new. Moving eyes, left, and right. They are self centering. Raising eyebrows. Head turns 360. Opening mouth. Professional controls controlled through the back. They are padded for long use. All internal parts are brass, metal, and wood. Very nice attention to detail through out. Natural style pro paint, using artist quality acrylics. This figure has a friendly face that children, and adults love. He is 42 inches tall. Fully padded pro wood frame hand crafted body. A serious cool pro figure that will last years with proper care. Have been building figures for 20 years. Thanks for looking, and have a blessed day! Feel free to call anytime… 321-345-4487 office…321-557-5932…cell

Jack Lathrop