“Tidbit in a Minute” DVD by Bob Abdou


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2 dvd set on learning the art of ventriloquism/puppetry from
a full time working entertainer, Mr.Puppet $25 plus $5 ship US

Here is a testimonial from Keith Karas, professional clown

“Have you ever wanted to learn from a trusted professional performer and get what you truly want and need?

I had such an experience when I spent an hour with Bob Abdou and his “Tidbit in a Minute” DVD set.

Wow, there are gems here, simple points that can take your performance, specifically with puppets, to the next level.


If you are already a professional, then you know how important your time is to you. You don’t want to be distracted by some theory when you need to hone in on what works in reality.

Bob focuses on this performance reality in the world of make believe.  His instruction is easy to follow and respectful of your time. You need time to develop and practice your act, and Bob tells you just what you need to know, the nitty-fruity, if you will.

By trade I am a clown, and have used soft puppets for several years now in my act. However, something seemed not quite right, and Bob Abdou’s DVD’s helped me quickly diagnose the illness and prescribe a cure.

My illness? As a clown, my routine found me trying to be funnier than my puppet. That won’t work. It didn’t work and now I know why.

In one minute, Bob provided a tibit which I have been struggling with over 7 years!  Now I fixed it, and I am still “the clown” but my puppet is “the star” and funnier.

This tidbit and many more are all included in Bob Abdou’s DVD’s.

Besides attending a prestigious clown arts school, these DVDs have been the best investment I have made in my performance training to date.

Thank you Bob for sharing you knowledge with me.”

$25 plus $5 ship US

Bob Abdou