Classified Ads

Classified Ads

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Wanted Frank Marshall Ventriloquist Dummies

Please contact me if you have any Frank Marshall ventriloquist figures that you may be interested in parting with so that I can add to the growing Marshall ventriloquist dummy collection. I am interested in any figure, or parts. Let me know what you may have. Thanks Dan Willinger

I Want Your Ventriloquist Figures

Everyone knows I want Frank Marshall figures but I also will purchase any wood carved ventriloquist figure by any maker new or old. The Ventriloquist Central Collection has examples of most makers but we need more. Wanted are figures made by Brant Gilmer, Conrad Hartz, Theodore Mack, Revello Petee, Ken Spencer, Louis Grannat and Pinxy to name a few. All figures and parts are wanted. If you are not using them or if they are in need of repair contact me immediately. Highest prices paid for these ventriloquist figures.  Thanks Dan Willinger

Jerry Layne female doll. Wendy JL3 35-40”

I am seeking a female (young girl) vent doll. She was made by Jerry Layne I believe. Her product name is Wendy JL3. Ideally 35-40”. I am a photographer and require her for photographic shoots. If you know where I can purchase a Wendy, or you have a Jerry Layne Wendy you would like to sell, please contact me as soon as possible. Fingers crossed there is a Wendy out there somewhere. Lindy Fullarton

(here is a picture)


Selberg ventriloquist figure

Looking for a used Reggie or max selberg ventriloquist figure. Jason Jackson


Vent Haven ConVENTion 1980 Pictures

Looking for pictures from the 1980 Vent Haven Convention.

A friend of mine attended when he was a child but doesn’t have any photos. Any pics that can be emailed would be greatly appreciated. Kyle McCulloch


McElroy Casting and Other Related Items

I’m interested in McElroy related items, such as casting, hands, feet, body plus a copy of Greg Claassen’s book, McElroy Magic. If you have anything like this, please contact me:

Tom Catalano
Cell # 773 230 8620 Store # 773 486 6768


Axtell Basset Hound

I’m looking for an Axtell Basset Hound or something similar. Bob Fritz


Pimp (similar to Daddy D)

Hi Folks, Im looking for a vent figure in the style of ‘Daddy D’. Black Pimp similair to Jeff Dunhams charactor, tho I have a differant style for it. Cash waiting for the right figure. UK based. Please eMail images, details and price. Thank you. Adrian Paul


Wanted… Albert Alfaro FATS ventriloquist dummy

Albert Alfaro FATS ventriloquist dummy from the movie Magic or similar. Andy Douglas


Ventriloquist Doll

Wanted to buy a ventroloquist doll -boy figure- moving head,moving mouth,moving eyes. Would like to buy before 7th of August 2019. I am in Troy,ohio. Kindly contact me soon by my email- Rath Jebackumar



Looking for a Verna Finley or mat puppet. Has to be a woman puppet.(NO OLD LADY PUPPET) willing to pay up to $350 in payments as I am on disability and SSI and I only get paid monthly. Rebecca Lynch


Seeking Professional Vent Figure

I am seeking a used professional vent figure with upper snear, side to side eyes, maybe blinking and eye brows. A Chance Wolf or Selberg would be ideal. David Merlin


Selberg figures

I’m looking for selberg figures (the nerd, percy) Steven Rogers


Vent Course

Vent Course “How to become a Ventriloquist” Lester’s Legacy By Bob Falkner Book and Tapes
Joe Lopez


LARGE Professional Used Monkey Vent Puppet

I would like to have a used professional vent ‘soft/large’ monkey vent puppet. If you know of one or have one you would like to sell please email me price and pictures. Joanna Daniel


Used Professional Large Girl Soft Vent Puppet

I am looking for a used professional vent young girl soft puppet. Send pictures and pricing to email above for no more than $300. Joanna Daniel


Old Man Puppet with arm rods

25″-30″Old Man Puppet with arm rods. Bob Peltz


Ventriloquist figure

I am looking for a figure made by Clinton Detweiler in 1971 .the figure was call Hal.
Anyone with a figure like this please let me know shape is not real important. Leave a message at AL Parm


Wanted:Selberg Figures (Gen 1 Controls)

Looking for Selberg figures with Gen 1 Controls….give me a shout…let me know what you got! Phil McConkey


Original McElroy Vent figure

Hoping there might be an original McElroy Vent figure out there, maybe up in the Attic, or down in the basement, that would like a new home in Australia. Not able to pay the full value. Peter Valentin


Wanted: Jerry McSafety hand puppet

Hunting for a vintage Jerry McSafety hand puppet that were giving to kids as part of the Detroit Police Road safety program. Peter Valentin


Wanted: Ventriloette

Clinton Detweiler made a series of these ‘characters’. Please contact me if you have one. Thanks. Mariann Martin


Wanted: Ventriloquist figure

Looking for a cheeky boy figure for reasonable price. Self centering eye’s,moving eyebrows,and moving mouth.price $250-$500. Rebecca Lynch


Wanted:  Pocket Figure

Interested in purchasing a Chance Wolf “Pocket Figure” featured at Vent Convention. Please send price/info to . Thanks!


Wanted:  Vent Figure

My name is Christopher Robert Mohr Senior. I am 89 years old and a “budding” ventriloquist. I am in the market for a figure who will become my lifeshort partner and friend. My mechanical requirements are side to side eye movement, blinkers, upper lip movement. I prefer a male figure, but will consider a female figure. I receive $600.00 a month from Social Security which I can use every month to purchase my figure. A used figure in perfect condition is acceptable. I am also in the market for a professional replica of Charlie McCarthy. Please point me in the right direction. AdVENTurously yours,


Wanted: INSULL Figures

Looking for non-restored insull figures or heads in any condition. Just need a pic and price. Also and with documented history Tonya Traylor